Poetry Is A Disease by Derek JG Williams


Poetry is a disease More to the point, being a poet is an illness. What drives one to take part in this never-ending ritual of self-flagellation? The ceaseless nights spent sorting words, the constant editing, the ruthless cruelty of rejections and acceptance, while grueling, is ultimately besieged by a very minute aim: to be great. In his wildly relatable essay, Derek JG Williams carjacks the reader and fearlessly drives them through the backroads of every poet's [and writer's] psyche. It's a treatise on that ageless chasm that exists in every poet's mind: what do we want to say and how do we want our words to be remembered when we're gone? If poetry is indeed a disease, Poetry Is A Disease is the reassuring, soothing salve.

8x6 staple-bound chapbook printed on high quality copier paper with 100lb French cardstock covers using archival ink. Printed in a limited edition of 75 hand-numbered copies.