Biggie Smalls Skateboarding Superstar by Jeff Alessandrelli

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Hip hop and skateboarding intersect in a myriad of locations but non more pronounced and impactful than at feet of the late, great, and notorious Biggie Smalls. Where the man had an unrivaled flow and poetic gift, skateboarding as a sport, at its best, is poetry in motion. But how deep does this intersection run? How have these two seemingly different cultures influenced, advanced, ripped off, and appropriated one another. Jeff Alessandrelli, in this fascinating essay, examines these issues with meticulous research and personal flair. Grip it and rip it.

4.5 x 7 chapbook. Covers stamped and pressed on #100 stock. Insides printed on high quality #24 copy paper in a limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies.

Cover illustration by Zachary Schomburg