The Rosebud Variations: and Other Variations by Jaydn DeWald

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And yet tomorrow—tomorrow I may at last, in the watery predawn silence of my bedroom, sense a presence so cold and unseen hovering above me, waiting for me to enter it like a man thrust into nothingness, into silence, whereafter yesterday and today and even tomorrow will have all become so boring, don’t you think? Well, I think so, and I feel so, too, almost as though tomorrow is in fact today, and I am hovering in the starless night above a blazing bonfire: boys drinking with the firelight in their teeth; girls dancing in circles, jiggling music from their silver earrings. Still, the idea of now prodding this mental picture for meaning, whether today or tomorrow or even yesterday, is frankly so boring, too, don’t you think? - excerpt fr The Rosebud Variations

8.5" x 7" saddle stitched chapbook, printed on high quality 28# text paper with repurposed map endpaper and white French cardstock cover. Cover collage by Greying Ghost. Printed and hand-numbered in an initial limited run of 75 copies.