Compost by Dan Chelotti

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"In Dan Chelotti’s Compost the narrator is content with sitting still while the natural world supersedes the ruins of a town. The water tower is long gone. The roads are slowly fading like flesh wounds. The TV still works but the reflection in window is just as intriguing. These are the themes of Compost: stillness, fading, decaying, fear, love, and the beauty of the wait. “Know that / although my words / often overwhelm me / and i grow unable to manage / their winds, the only ships / in my heart that are listing / are listing towards your shores." - DC

4"x7" chapbook printed on high quality 28# text paper. Covers printed with red, black, and blue archival ink on 100# French grout gray construction paper with ephemera endpaper. Printed and hand-numbered in an initial run of 100.

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